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    Monday - Friday 6:00am - 2:00pm

Hours: Monday - Friday 6:00am - 2:00pm

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Great food. Tastes good.

Daycare food that your kids (and you) will love! Our approach is both fresh and experienced. We're sincere, we're passionate and we genuinely love what we do. Our reputation has grown strictly by word-of-mouth and true connections with our clients.

This isn't simply catering. This is so much more for us. We create delicious meals that your children will love.

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Our Area of Expertise

Our chefs use locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients to create fresh and delicious menus for your kids. We’re not your typical daycare food company. Check out our menu and see why.

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What they say about us...

  • A cut above the rest – in my 20+ years of working in child care I have never seen food this good. The parents love the menus.

    - Early Childhood Development Center

  • Switching to Food2You as our food provider has reduced my workload, reduced parent complaints and made my job as a director so much easier.

    - Corporate Day Care Center

  • We are a challenging center for most caterers – Food2You made the transition painless and our kids love the food! And we love the service!

    - Corporate Day Care Center

  • Food2You Catering is great! They are  responsive to special requests and very accommodating. I have worked  with other companies, and the attention to detail that Greg and his team  give to serving quality food is second to none.

    - University of Chicago

  • Our parents are constantly asking for  recipes to their kid’s menu favorites – the turkey chili is amazing and  the kids don’t stop talking about it.

    - Early Childhood Development Center

  • I can always depend on Food2You for great food and prompt service which equals happy kids & happy parents.

    - Early Childhood Development Center

  • Food2You’s quality is miles ahead of  previous caterers we have used. I am not only talking about the  food.Greg and his team are very accommodating and detailed; they are  responsive to our needs and concerns.Working with them is a breeze!

    - Corporate Day Care Center


Meet Our Team

We take pride in what we do and work as one cohesive unit to provide good clean solid food for children. We will never compromise!

  • John

    dog lover. foodie. craft beer enthusiast. family above all. dad to JJ. korean bbq. comedian.

  • Antonio

    exercise. video games. beach & barbeque in summer.  mom’s tamales. bobby darin. frank sinatra. dad to chayis.

  • Greg

    gardener. cook. market goer. tomatoes in summer. asparagus in spring. pianist & singer. sucker for nice people.